meet ashley

Julia Child said one of the best sayings known to bakers..."a party without cake is just a meeting." Amongst many things she considers inspiration, Ashley uses that saying to excel in her business. Ashley started baking at a young age, sitting on her grandmother's counter top helping her bake. The aroma of fresh breads and baked goods were the smells that would make any little kid so excited! Between that experience and her family's yearly cookie bakes, where they would make over 1000 cookies for Christmas, Ashley found the one thing she loved the most..... BAKING!

With the help of her parents and grandparents they are a team that will make all your cake and pastry desires possible.

- Addicted to Mountain Dew
- Used to Bowl Competitively
- Loves her puppy Sam (he's a teddy bear dog)
- Favorite foods are Pickles and Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  (Not together though!)

fun facts


"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."